3DHOP official distribution

Version: 4.1 - Release: 19 Dec 2016

Get 3DHOP last version! The complete release of 3DHOP, comprehensive of all the HOW TO examples and tutorials plus the 3D models used, in a single zipped archive (~19 MB).

NEXUS multi-resolution model converter

Version: 4.1 - Release: 19 Dec 2016

The basic package of the NEXUS tools to convert 3D models in the multi-resolution format used by 3DHOP (with instructions and a 3D example model) can be downloaded here (~19 MB).


3DHOP official repository

3DHOP is an open-source initiative: to download all the code and examples, or to find older versions, or to contribute to the project, head to its official GitHub repository.


A research effort

3DHOP is the product of a research group, the Visual Computing Lab of ISTI-CNR. If you find the tool useful, let us know, and if you are a scholar/researcher too, cite our publications:

Visit the contacts page to know more about the project and the Visual Computing Lab.

Supported platforms

3DHOP is a software package with full portability: it can run on all the principal OS (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) equipped with an up-to-date Web browser. Mobile support is still not complete, but 3DHOP already works on most devices.

3DHOP works directly inside the web browser, without plug-ins or external components, but it does require an up-to-date web browser. It is supported and successfully tested on the current stable versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Apple Safari.

3DHOP does not require a specialized server or server-side daemons/computation; just some space on any web-server will do. 3DHOP can also work on a local machine using a local web-server or Google Chrome (with a launching parameter). More information on deployment can be found here.

Dependencies and license

All the 3DHOP software is free and open-source, released under the GPL license.

3DHOP is based on the SpiderGL JavaScript library, and it uses jQuery.
The free open-source MeshLab tool can be used for model preparation and conversion. Multi-resolution conversion is done using the free open-source NEXUS tools; see how to to know more.